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This is not your normal car show!

Hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center. Address: 3860 N Lakewood Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90808


Are you ready for some fun and interaction? Do you want to leave the Q-tips at home? Had enough of score sheets for the year? If the answers are "Yes!" - we have the car show for you.


The most important criteria is to be ready to move around and talk with people, preferably those friends you just have not met yet. 


For this car show, we have two classes -


  • Class 1 - Cars 25 years of age and older
  • Class 2 - Cars 24 years of age and newer.


Pretty straightforward we think. 



Check out the awards! - Be sure you will be ready to do your best: 


  • Best "Trunk or Treat" display
  • Top 5 in each of the two classes (criteria - car we would most want to take home)
  • Car driven the furthest to the event (trailering does not count)
  • Best dressed driver/owner for the period of the car
  • Driver/owner that looks most like their car
  • Best display of memorabilia (ads, books, special promotional items, etc)
  • Oldest car
  • Most novel car gadget
  • Car sat in by the most people
  • Hard luck award (trouble when getting to the show)
  • Special surprise award(s) 


Judging will be completely subjective, with judges conscripted during the week of the event. No experience judging is a plus. On a somewhat more serious note - We will offer Silver Star certification for those interested. Please let us know ahead of time. This will be by experienced MBCA judges.

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